Pitch a Show Up Front

Interested in performing your show at Up Front? Use this form to submit full show ideas for consideration for our stage. Once we receive these items we will determine whether or not your show is a good fit for our venue.

To produce your show at Up Front at Shadowbox Live, you must follow these guidelines:

- SCHEDULING: Up Front hosts entertainment weekly Tuesdays through Fridays. Entertainment is booked months in advance so bear this in mind when you pitch a specific date for your show.
- START/END TIMES: Shows must start at 8:00 PM. Shows must be 75-90 minutes in length and should end by 9:30 PM
- PAYOUTS/TICKETING: Performer payout is a door deal. Tickets are typically priced between $7 - $10, depending on the day of the week. Every ticket sold must include $2 fee to cover box office management and processing fees. All remaining proceeds will go to the performer payout. (For example, if an artist wishes to sell tickets at $7 per person, then $5 of each ticket goes directly to performer payout.) Shadowbox Live provides our ticketing portal and will create a ticket link for you once your show is booked.
- MARKETING: ARTISTS ARE 100% RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OWN MARKETING. All shows are mentioned in Up Front's weekly social media posts and weekly email. These posts alone will not sell your show. Performers are expected to fill their own house and promote the show to their friends and followers.
- PRE-SALES: We strongly encourage pre-sales over door sales. We will host pre-sale ticket sales on our website. If fewer than 10 pre-sale tickets have been sold 24 hours prior to the show, we may opt to cancel the show.
- FOOD/DRINK: The venue has a full food and bar menu. We open doors for seating at 7:00 PM and encourage patrons to come early to dine.
- CALL TIME/PUNCTUALITY: Performers must arrive at the venue no later than 7:30 PM. All shows start on time. It is unacceptable for shows to start late because performers are late.
- TECH: We provide in-house lights, sound, mics and mic stands (up to 2). If your show has additional stage set up and/or technical requirements, please let us know what they are at the time of booking. Based on your technical and stage setup needs, we may require you to bring your own tech person and/or require an earlier performer arrival time.
- MERCHANDISE: You may sell your own merch after the show. The venue does not take any percentage of your own merch sold. We do not provide a salesperson for your merch.

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