"I love Up Front. It provides great entertainment at great value with great service."

The up front Story


The founders of Shadowbox Live produced their first sketch comedy shows almost thirty years ago in the back room of a bakery. In those days, they were a rag tag group of independent artists driven by pure heart, a lot of grit and the determination to create something new on their own terms.

Today, as the largest resident theater in the United States, Shadowbox Live is a Columbus institution, with a professional theater company producing original live shows in the Rock Arts six days a week. 


Shadowbox's determination to make art on their own terms is what drove them to create Up Front.

Up Front is a space for up-and-coming artists and performers to hone and showcase their craft, a place where local businesses can host a memorable event and a performance venue for people to experience something fresh, inclusive and exciting.

What to Expect

Just about any night of the week, come in to see standup, improvised musicals, roasts of fictional childhood heroes, science forums, game shows, karaoke and everything in between. Find local art hanging on the walls, enjoy an abbreviated main stage menu or cozy up to our large, inviting bar.

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