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Columbus Science Pub: Journey through the Deep-Earth to other Worlds with Dr. Wendy Panero

  • Up Front at Shadowbox Live 503 South Front Street Columbus, OH, 43215 United States (map)

The Columbus Science Pub is a free event that aims to present scientific issues in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. No science background? No problem!! Everyone and every question is welcome.

The presentation starts promptly at 7:30pm. If you’d like to order food before the event, please arrive early. A full bar and menu is available.

**Due to the popularity of this event, reservations are strongly recommended to guarantee seating.**


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In 2009 NASA launched the space craft Kepler on a mission to find new exoplanets. Kepler Space Telescope has identified 2,740 planet candidates orbiting 2,036 stars. Of those planets, 351 are roughly the same size as Earth. But what makes a planet Earth like? We generally think about the goldilocks zone, but the composition of the rocks may be the key. Dr. Wendy Panero, along with a team of researchers at The Ohio State University is mining the Kepler data — and Earth -- for answers.

As a professor at The Ohio State University Wendy studies the behavior of materials under the high pressure and temperature conditions found in the Earth’s interior. She use a wide range of techniques from experimental to theoretical. Some equipment Wendy needs for her work is so big it is its own facility, like the synchrotron-based research facility at the Advanced Photon Source where she measures atomic-scale properties of rocks. This may sound like science fiction but using these tools Wendy is able to study mineral composition. For her theoretical work she uses The Ohio Supercomputer Center to make predictions about other planets or areas we can not observe about our own.

Wendy’s work has long excited public interest. She has been interviewed by the dispatch, OSU media, and Science Friday an NPR program. Wendy is passionate about ensuring all children have access to appropriate public education, regardless of their learning needs. Searching for answers to fundamental questions like “Is there life out there?” brings her to work every day.